Below is the complete selection of titles by C.L. Nelson. Stay tuned for new books in The Balance series.



Charlie lived an ordinary life until the day she was supposed to die. After being confronted by the reaper that was assigned to collect her soul, Charlie no longer knows who she is, or what she is. With the help of her best friend, Finlay, she must avoid her reaper or face her destiny. With her fate hanging in the balance, Charlie fights for her life, making friends and enemies along the way.

Kian is a collector. That's his job as a reaper, to collect the souls of those who are scheduled to die. As a reaper, he is duty bound to maintain the balance between good and evil. Responsible and dedicated to keeping the Balance, Kian always follows protocol until one day when his scheduled pickup doesn't go according to plan. From the moment he met Charlie, his world was turned upside down. Does he follow protocol or does he break the rules to save her?